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Finding My Way In Milwaukee In Stock

Author : Jennifer Jill Schwirzer
ISBN : 9780828019132
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Category Kids & Teens
ISBN Code 9780828019132
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2007 
Measurement/Pages 110 pages
Format Paperback

There are moments in your life that are freeze-framed in your memory forever. For Jennifer Wilson, her adolescent years were full of them.

It all started when her family moved to Milwaukee. Milwaukee! It meant a new school, new friends, and new problems. In her fantasies se imagined sailing into instant popularity. But wearing a loud, bad-fashion-statement dress, she is greeted on the first day of school only by the smirks of her classmates. She is convinced she is the loser of the century.

But little did she know that she, Jennifer Wilson, would one day be launched from wallflower status to super-popular girl. In a world that can change overnight, she soon finds herself surrounded by crushes, boyfriends, cheerleaders, pranks, and rebellion. She is sure that being cool will fill the emptiness within her. But as her reality crashes down, it becomes clear that only God can fill the aching hole in her heart.