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Greater Expectations LIMITED STOCK

Author : Ray Markham
ISBN : 9781903921012
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ISBN Code 9781903921012
Publisher Autumn House Publication | Copyright 2002 
Measurement/Pages 192 pages
Format Paperback 

The sermon on the Mount is Christ’s call for action. It is the Manifesto of His Kingdom – the distilled version of His entire teaching.

Ray Markham presents these vital chapters of Matthew’s gospel as the greatest challenge ever presented to Christians.

Jesus still turns the world’s received wisdom upside down. His aims and values continue to be revolutionary and to urge Christians on to meet Christ’s GREATER EXPECTATIONS.

Each chapter includes a study guide for group discussion.

Ray Markham is a husband, father, teacher and keen sportsman. After many years in church leadership, Ray’s preaching and teaching ministry is now being appreciated by an increasing number of churches. He is also an active member of Gideons International, and does voluntary work for The Leprosy Mission.

From the author of What Kind of Power Is This? (On the miracles of Jesus) and Pointed and Personal (On the parables of Jesus).