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Author : Jonathan Oey Kuntaraf, Kathkeeb Kiem Hoa Aey Kuntaraf
ISBN : 9780828020176
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ISBN Code 9780828020176
Publisher Review and Herald Publication | Copyright 2007
Measurement/Pages 109 pages
Format Paperback

We live in an increasingly sophisticated and educated world, a world in which it is no longer sufficient to know what we believe; it is vitally important to know why we believe. But can we trust in the ancient writings of the Bible to express the will of God for us?

When sin entered our world, face-to-face communication between God and His children was no longer possible. How then could He talk with those He loved? Write message in the sky? Speak with a voice of thunder? Use miracles to show His love? Talk to special people and have them write down what He told them.

Throughout the millennia God has used adaptations of all these approaches. In a miraculous revelation of God’s caring love Elisha’s servant saw the hills full of angel chariots surrounding the city (2 King 6:17). With lightning and a loud trumpet blast God thundered His voice from Mount Sinai (Ex 19:16-19). His miracles appear in nearly every book of the Bible.

The Bible changes lives! It is never out-of-date. Most important, when trusted as God’s Word, the Bible has the power to energize and motivate us to live the kind of lives that will glorify God.