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The Incredible Power Of Grace In Stock

Author : Roland R. Hegstad
ISBN : 9781894581042
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Category Prayers
ISBN Code 9781894581042
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 143 pages
Format Paperback

Real Life. Is it just money, clothes, parties, sex? Or something more? What about belonging, security, authenticity, success? A sense of personal worth?

Jesus said, “A man shall not live by bread alone” (Matthew 4:4). Those who hungry for faith, hope, and love can find it at Calvary. In the most fantastic event of the ages God Himself came down, suffered for us, and become one of us forever. Because of Calvary, people who are stuck in the “virtual reality” of the world’s sham values can become truly free.

Roland Hegstad, long-time editor of Liberty magazine, understands broken beginnings. He tells story after story to show how God changes lives today. He explains how God deals with broken people. People who have made mistakes. He explains why judgment is actually good news – and how to get on the good side of the Judge. What hell is, and God’s answer to it. Why God allows so much suffering. And how we can tell that we are living near the end of time.

You can experience the embracing friendship of God. This book is the first step.

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