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Author : Leslie Kay
ISBN : 9780828016964
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ISBN Code 9780828016964
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing Association | Copyright 2003 
Measurement/Pages 127 pages
Format Paperback


I couldn’t handle the lovelessness and loneliness; the fighting, the alcoholism. Then, one day, a new voice spoke – a calm, benevolent voice that pleaded with quite authority. “Hang on”, it said simply. “It gets better – I promise.”

I didn’t argue. I simply believed. “OK”, I said aloud, “I’ll wait.”

It didn’t get better soon. The tenacious tendrils of a Christless family legacy were not quickly unraveled. But in time it got just enough better to keep me hoping that it would get better still.

And it did. Blessings that a hopeless, alcoholic, drug-abusing misfit once believed were extended only to the favored and the few continue to shower down – blessings of Christian family and friends; of peace and clarity of purpose; of divinely instilled self-respect. Blessings of a glorious, invincible “hope and a future” in Christ.

Picking up where Grasshopper Junction left off, this book starts with the ongoing struggle to survive in the face of bankruptcy, injury, financial hardship, and chronically vindictive vehicles. Leslie Kay brings her indomitable wisdom to bear on eccentric grandmas and contentious siblings, menopause and marital success, dying pets and the delights of mothering (“Look, Mom, I’m potty-training my June bus!”)