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Family Bible Story - Jacob LIMITED STOCK

Author : Ruth Redding Brand
ISBN : 9780828018500
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Category Family
ISBN Code 9780828018524
Publisher Review and Herald Publishing | Copyright 2005 
Measurement/Pages 127 pages
Format Hardcover

Jacob, son of Isaac, was a trickster.

He laid a clever plot to steal the birthright blessing from his brother, Esau, a hunter. Esau was furious! Jacob fled for safety to his uncle Laban. But what goes around comes around, and so the trickster was tricked–he asked for the hand of Rachel, but woke up to find he’d gotten Leah instead.

Over the years his family grew. His sons would give birth to the 12 tribes of Israel. His lost son, Joseph, would become the prince of Egypt. But first Jacob had to deal with Esau, the angry hunter, and his band of soldiers. Would God save him from his brother? Or from himself?

With compelling power the ups and downs in the life of Jacob are dramatized here as never before. With thrilling elementary-level stories for kids, along with simplified versions for tiny tots. With splendid illustrations, maps, and photographs of artifacts from ancient times. With a comprehensive glossary that brings a forgotten age to life. With careful scholarship that looks beneath the surface to uncover secrets about important names and places in Genesis. There is something here for every member of the family.

There is no better way to build character on the firm foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage than to hang these rich tapestries of faith in the heart of a child.